You set the goals,
we’ll set the course.

Procyon is dedicated to helping affluent families and institutions navigate the most effective path for fulfilling their financial dreams and goals.

is our passion.

Our team is deeply committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations by anticipating their needs and enhancing their results through our expert leadership and steadfast service.

We’re on your staff,
not on your payroll.

We differentiate ourselves through our commitment to unconstrained service excellence, serving as a true and valued partner to our clients and in turn allowing them to focus on their businesses and personal lives.

About our name

Procyon is the name of a navigational star that has guided sailors over the millennia. It is one of only a few stars in the night sky with a twilight appearance and the brightness to help with navigation. To the naked eye, Procyon appears as the eighth brightest star, but it is actually a binary star – two stars closely orbiting each other in the constellation Canis Minor. We chose Procyon as a fitting name for our firm with our long, proud tradition of helping people along their journey towards achieving their goals. Plus, like Procyon’s two stars, we have a dual complementary focus on Institutional Consulting and Private Wealth Management.

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